The RaW 1251AM Publicity Team exists, as you'd expect, to publicise the fantastic output of RaW 1251AM. This includes creating a buzz on social media, designing graphics, curating photographs and finding new avenues through which to let Warwick University and the wider world know who we are.


We are responsible for designing, procuring and distributing branded merchandise. This includes society clothing, pens and great big flags.

Promote the Station

If you want to spread the word about RaW, here are a few simple things you can do:

  • On Facebook
    • Like our facebook page
    • Invite your friends to like us on facebook
    • Post a status about your show, a station event or simply about how much you love RaW.
  • On Twitter
    • Follow the RaW Twitter account, @RaW1251AM
    • Retweet a tweet from @RaW1251AM.
    • Tweet about how much you love RaW.
  • YouTube
    • Watch some of our content on our youtube channel
    • Post a video blog about how much you love RaW.
  • Real Life
    • Listen to the station
    • Tell a friend!