Speaking about us...

Speech is the team that loves the sound of its own voice: and your voice, for that matter. Whether it's expressing views and thoughts on art, culture, trends, and topics in the Speakeasy or reviewing the latest books, TV shows and comedy gigs out there, we speak our mind. And we're here to let you speak yours: have a fantastic drama, documentary or play just waiting to burst out of its shell? Come to us! We'll be the lightening to your monster.

And that's not all. We're collaborating with the creative societies on campus to showcase their talent, but also tap into yours: tired of trying to find out what is going on, what you can watch and when, and (more importantly) how you can be part of it? Tune in to the Showcase and hear what is going on in:

  • FreshBlood
  • Comedy Society
  • Codpiece
  • INK
  • TapFactory
  • Beats and Bars
  • Ugly Cousins (which is not - as they emphasise - a society, but a bunch of people that happened to meet in the same place, with beer).

Come listen to the cultural mouthpiece on campus, and be part of something.

Get Involved

Any of the above excites you? Email us at and we'll find your niche.

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Head of Speech:

Jonathon Mellor

The Head of Speech is responsible for all radio plays, documentaries and other speech based programs.