Profile: Phillip Stoneman

I'm Phillip, an Economics finalist from Devon. I love biscuits. I love jingles. I hate chillis. Saying that, I used to be RaW's Secretary and (and before that) erstwhile Head of Production. I joined the society in my first year having done nothing radio-related before… I was even sort-of-but-not-really in charge at one point!

The mainstay throughout my time at RaW has been my show, Living Up the Weekend (Saturdays, from noon, apologies for the cheeky plug). I have a history of name dropping, and it's bad. I also dabble within RaW Production and Publicity, I do the odd News Bulletin, I'm a regular correspondent for RaW News Insight, I'm a regular frequentor at big events, I used to be found on the Speakeasy, and you can frequently sample my freestyling (a la Gok Wan) in spontaneous cover.

If there's anything else you should know about me, it's that I have a biscuit tin in the shape of a custard cream.

PS I'm a big fan of emails: find me via
PPS I'm also on Twitter, @PhillipStoneman.
PPPS If you see them around, do say hello to my friends at Warwick DofE and DrumSoc.