Unsigned And Upcoming

Tired of continuously hearing chart music?  Then tune in to Unsigned & Upcoming for a change of pace.

Over the course of each week, we get contacted by all sorts of independent musicians looking to broaden their audiences, and this show caters to their desires by picking the best of the bunch and broadcasting them on RaW.

We take a particular interest in local talent (both on- and off-campus), unsigned artists looking for exposure, and bands or artists who are set to break into the big league.

Packing in a diverse range of styles and genres, Unsigned & Upcoming gives you the chance to listen to the sounds that might otherwise slip through your fingers.  Join in with the panel by sending your opinions or recommendations into the studio! You can also keep udated with RaW Music on Twitter and Facebook.

Past Shows

  • 09/03/15 - Monday, Week 10, 2pm-3pm
  • 23/02/15 - Monday, Week 8, 2pm-3pm
  • 26/01/15 - Monday, Week 4, 2pm-3pm

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