Bounce is the radio show for you if you love to listen to music that makes you want to dance and simultaneously makes you "bare happs". Whether that be a lil' bit of casjj seat dancing, total cringeworthy dad dancing or a full blown madting one man rave. Songs under the House umbrella term, Drum & Bass and UK Garage are the main genres but also with a pinch of everything else thrown in there - eclectic is the keyword here. I also research the artists played and suggest top music events to check out because MUSIC IS LIFE. 

Past Shows

  • 17/03/16 - Thursday, Week 10, 8pm-9pm
  • 10/03/16 - Thursday, Week 9, 8pm-9pm
  • 03/03/16 - Thursday, Week 8, 8pm-9pm

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