Sunny Side Up

'Where'd all the good people go?'

Linus and James bring you Sunny Side Up, a show dedicated to feel good music, upbeat vibes and taking the news about as seriously as a humanities student takes the first year of their degree. 

We're like that motivational post it note on your wall; completely irrelevant but at least it gets you through the day.

Each week we'll bring you a brand new themed show and regular features such as 'The Good News Cruise' 'Procrastination for the Nation' and 'The Phenomanomally of the Week'.

Only a cheeky increase in your student loan could give youn this much fun. 

Forget 'werk werk werk werk werk', get yourself a brew and calm the f*** down.

No mardy bums allowed. You heard it Adele. 


Past Shows

  • 01/07/16 - Friday, Week 10, 4pm-5pm
  • 24/06/16 - Friday, Week 9, 4pm-5pm
  • 17/06/16 - Friday, Week 8, 4pm-5pm