The Barnaby Merrill Hour-With Barnaby Merrill

Rejoice! Those wasted hours are no longer, as much-beloved entertainer, broadcaster, and gifted rhetoritician Barnaby Merrill provides an hour of irrevent commentary with a trusted accomplice. Expect the Merrill treatment of current affairs, music, and the important issues in life. Belt up, brace, and prepare for the most fun you never knew you'd have. It's not just an hour. It's the Barnaby Merrill Hour-with Barnaby Merrill. 

Past Shows

  • 05/12/16 - Monday, Week 10, 12pm-1pm
  • 28/11/16 - Monday, Week 9, 12pm-1pm
  • 21/11/16 - Monday, Week 8, 12pm-1pm

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