Joe And Gina's Saturday Hangover

We all know a Friday Night is a big night for Students and leaves many of us nursing the most horrendous hangovers on Saturday Mornings. Everyone has their "hangover cures" be it drinking a certain number of glasses of water before you go to bed or eating a particular breakfast however it's not clear that any of these remedies work. However what we think does work is sharing the pain of a Hangover with others and that's what this show aims to do! So join Joe and Gina every Saturday Lunchtime and ease the pain of your hangover with light hearted chat, stupid games and great laughs along with some music (quiet music). So join us so we can share the pain of the Friday Night Hangover together!

Past Shows

  • 18/03/17 - Saturday, Week 10, 12pm-2pm
  • 11/03/17 - Saturday, Week 9, 12pm-2pm
  • 04/03/17 - Saturday, Week 8, 12pm-2pm