The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Show is back to give you your fortnightly dose of current affairs, culture based chats and more! Tune in to Ellen and Grace for the lowdown on what's occurring around and on campus, and you will never be out of the loop again! As big fans of the Arts, a film, play or piece of literature will be featured and reviewed in relation to the events being discussed, so you will never be far away from discovering some new favourites ( as if you needed a new excuse to peruse Netflix for a new series, right?)! So, grab a coffee, sit down and join our discussion!

Sincerely yours,

the Breakfast Club xo

Past Shows

  • 18/03/17 - Saturday, Week 10, 9am-10am
  • 04/03/17 - Saturday, Week 8, 9am-10am
  • 18/02/17 - Saturday, Week 6, 9am-10am