In a world ravaged by constant wars, President Trump and Meghan Trainor’s latest album, we all need a place where we can hide.

Luckily, you can, with the show playing music that you won’t find in the weekly charts. From The Velvet Underground to Vampire Weekend and so many more, AltHour is guaranteed to expand your own playlists. With an expansive collection of great music, a weekly showcase for up-and-coming artists, and a presenter whose greatest addiction is Vinyl, AltHour is your hub for all things indie.

Past Shows

  • 18/03/17 - Saturday, Week 10, 9pm-10pm
  • 11/03/17 - Saturday, Week 9, 9pm-10pm
  • 04/03/17 - Saturday, Week 8, 9pm-10pm

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