Arnie And Dan Present: The Dan And Arnie Show, Starring Arnie And Dan

"We should do a radio show again!" "...okay." And with that, 'Arnie and Dan Present: The Dan and Arnie Show, Starring Arnie and Dan' was REBORN. Join the titular duo as they continue to: a) figure out what the hell this show is, b) share their eclectic music tastes with one another, and c) become brotastic buds in the process. A voyage in sound and friendship. "A cracking show" - Ryan Lee (sponsored by Dan and Arnie)

Past Shows

  • 02/06/17 - Friday, Week 6, 9pm-10pm
  • 26/05/17 - Friday, Week 5, 9pm-10pm
  • 19/05/17 - Friday, Week 4, 9pm-10pm

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