Negative Reel

We're Dan and Joe and together we present Negative Reel, the most negative pop culture show you will ever hear. Tune in every week as we rip apart films, tv shows, books, music etc. without any qualifications to do so. Each week we discuss something about the pop cultural experience that particularly grinds our gears and maybe review (re: annihilate) a new film or something. Of course, to tone things down we also do a quick glance through of the week's pop culture news, though mainly to find more stories that annoy us or tickle our blackened funny bones. So if you're looking for a dose of dark humour and sarcasm with your recap of the entertainment media then look no further than Negative Reel.

Past Shows

  • 29/05/17 - Monday, Week 6, 1pm-2pm
  • 22/05/17 - Monday, Week 5, 1pm-2pm
  • 15/05/17 - Monday, Week 4, 1pm-2pm

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