Barnaby Merrill Must Be Stopped

Soon-to-be-disgraced-former radio icon and cultural colossus Barnaby Merrill rolls back onto the airwaves, with his most ambitious undertaking yet. Ably assisted by an array of all-star guests, Barnaby and company bring you your essential weekly dose of structured fun. Discount thrills and an approximation of spills ensue as the team tackle the Week in History, the Newz Quizz, and share their Moments of the Week-whether those be good or bad. Also featuring musical picks from our hosts, any musical requests you delightful listeners may enjoy, and the ever-memorable game of Geography, with a topical twist every week. New legislation demands you listen. Don't let Barnaby down.

Past Shows

  • 29/05/17 - Monday, Week 6, 10am-11am
  • 22/05/17 - Monday, Week 5, 10am-11am
  • 15/05/17 - Monday, Week 4, 10am-11am