POPping Warwick's Bubble

Give Jack and Will, the handsome chaps in the photo (usually Jack has less bad facial hair) the chance to brighten up your week. Expect regular features with 'Terrible Tab' and 'Bizarre BBC' serving to analyse the week's journalism, and 'Fun for 4th Years' to tell you the unusual things that we, as 4th years, find fun. There'll be pathetic puns, breathtaking banter and ridiculous rhetorical devices as we take you on a journey through the lives of Warwick students in their bubble.

Past Shows

  • 31/05/17 - Wednesday, Week 6, 4pm-5pm
  • 24/05/17 - Wednesday, Week 5, 4pm-5pm
  • 17/05/17 - Wednesday, Week 4, 4pm-5pm